Tractor overturns – grandpa and grandson escape with a shock

Tractor overturns - grandpa and grandson escape with a shock

Grandpa and grandson got away with bruises and a shock. They were both admitted to hospital.

The 57-year-old was driving his tractor and a trailer loaded with firewood from oberlauringen in the direction of sulzfeld. For reasons that are still unclear, the plane crashed at around 18:00.00 o’clock, without any kind of involvement, left the road to the right and drove down an approximately 2.5 meter high embankment. The tractor and the trailer overturned. The driver and his grandson, both from the district of rhon-grabfeld, came to rest under the tractor.

Thanks to the rollover bar, they were only relatively lightly injured. A witness who had been working in a nearby field first freed the child. Together with other first responders, the driver was finally pulled out from under the overturned tractor. Both injured were then treated on site by an emergency doctor and then taken to hospital by the ambulance service, which had sent two vehicles to the scene of the accident.

The salvage operations were allowed to continue for a short time (stand 19.25 o’clock) should be finished. The older tractor suffered total economic damage. The trailer was also badly damaged. The damage to property amounts to at least 5 million dollars.000 euro.

The accident was recorded by officers of the police station bad konigshofen. They were supported in their work by the fire departments from sulzfeld and stadtlauringen.