Kunftige dorferneuerungen beschaftigen kronacher stadtrat

Kunftige dorferneuerungen beschaftigen kronacher stadtrat

Village renewal in the area of the county seat is to proceed more quickly in the future than in the past decades. Rough interruptions should be avoided as far as possible. The SPD made the case for this, and also made the proposal at monday’s city council meeting to start with a rough survey in fischbach. In principle, this approach met with a positive response. Nevertheless, there was one objection to an immediate commitment.

Potentials recognized

"I think the village has a lot of potential for development and also the need for improvement", ralf volkl (SPD) explained his group’s proposal to select fischbach as the next district for a rough village renewal. Action there must be taken promptly. At the same time, a small village renewal proposed by markus wich (CSU) could also take place in knellendorf. Wich had on the "rough challenge" which represents the rehabilitation of the local bridge. This project would be easier to shoulder with a good demand in the course of a village renewal.

In principle, the SPD’s request met with open ears. City planner daniel gerber also assured that the next mabnahmen should not be long in coming after the one currently underway in friesen. He did, however, advocate waiting for the isek (intermunicipal urban development concept) procedure to be completed. The results of this program provided an essential basis for the respective framework conditions in the individual city districts.

Establishing a sensible sequence

"Fischbach was desirable, jonas geissler (CSU) agreed in principle with the SPD’s proposal. However, he was firmly convinced that it would be better to wait a little longer in order to have a basic concept in hand and thus be able to determine a sensible sequence for the village renewals.

"Such a concept should show perspectives", he stated. It was also possible to identify synergies. One example: when it was time for fischbach, for example, he thought it might make sense to tackle small village renewal projects in wotzelsdorf or vogtendorf at the same time. Such considerations were worth a short wait.

Then, however, things had to move forward one step at a time. It should not take 20 years, as in friesen, or even just ten years from one village renewal to the next. "Several measures can also be tackled at the same time", he again agreed with volkl.

In this connection, mayor wolfgang beiergroblein () recalled that during the friesener mabnahme there were "lean years" had prevailed and therefore no more and no faster progress could be made. However, if one continues on the isek path for another year, new goals can be reasonably defined. Markus wich also considered it sensible to "put the whole thing into a framework, then prioritize it and work through the measures one after the other". Jonas geissler added: "it is important that individual villages are not played off against each other. That is why a concept is needed."

Marina schmitt (SPD) nevertheless thought it would make sense to start thinking about the next steps while the isek proceedings were still in progress. Volkl also wished for an early start in view of "long planning horizons" timely considerations.

The committee ultimately agreed to wait for the results of the isek proceedings.