Exhibition on railroads and christmas tree decorations

In the historic imperial palace in forchheim, two special exhibitions can be seen during the advent season: christmas trees shine in christmas splendor when the special exhibition "enchanted trees – christmas tree decorations from ancient times" is shown from saturday, 1. December, until sunday, 6. January, the story of the festively decorated trees told.

At the same time, lovingly designed railroads are presented, among others a lehmann-grobbahn. Opening hours will be monday through friday from 3 to 6 p.M.30 a.M. And on weekends from 11.30 to 18.30 o'clock. According to the organizers, a pre-christmas program also shortens the waiting time for the christ child.

The special exhibition "enchanted trees – christmas tree decorations from ancient times looks far back to pre christian times: even then there was the need to decorate the house with evergreen branches at the turn of the year. It was believed that these branches would ward off mischief and evil spirits. This custom continued even when christianity was already widespread in europe.

Gifts for the poor on the tree
The first mention of decorated fir trees at christmas time is found among the zunften. They set up giving trees for the poor. The children were allowed to shake them and pick up the goodies. These first christmas trees did not yet have candles on them.
Trees decorated with lights and gifts such as apples, baked goods, nuts and paper ornaments were the pride of christmas in well-heeled households. The decorations and rituals under the spruce and fir trees varied with the taste of the times. Many a precious piece, carefully preserved in family ownership, has survived to the present day.
The railroad exhibition makes a visit to the imperial palace an experience for young and old alike: the lehmann coaster rides on various HO model railroads on a detailed fairground layout. Sceneries from the life of the city are created by the exhibition organizers in a lifelike way. Children can also play with small models of trains. The play corner invites you to build and do handicrafts.

Christmas play
The first christmas trees in the inner courtyard of the imperial palace on the 15th of december were decorated. December at 19.30 o'clock a medieval christmas play performed to the people for edification and piety: illuminated by candles and torches in the inner courtyard of the imperial palace, amateurs in medieval costumes play the christmas story. The sometimes hearty language of the middle ages offers a folk retelling of the most holy story.
Tinkering with mary and joseph in the cellar of the imperial palace, together with the actors of the nativity play, children create decorations for the christmas tree from straw, gulden paper and gifts from nature.
"The "gluck in the bag children rehearse in the warm gewolbekeller cozy with hot orange punch and candlelight. After the game round, leather bags are made for each lucky stone won.
Mysterious and scary stories are told by the night watchman, when he says: "listen, you children, and let me tell you."
By lantern light we go with the night watchman through the dark streets of forchheim. It will be mysterious, scary and above all interesting.