Young list and spd with majority in city council

Young list and spd with majority in city council

The municipal elections on 15. Although marz has allowed three new groups to enter the hochstadt city council, the balance of power will remain the same. The young list faction (JL) will continue to work with the SPD and, with the newcomer from the burgerliste and the vote of mayor gerald brehm (JL), will also have a narrow majority.

"I expect to continue the constructive work with the SPD", says mayor brehm. The SPD’s second mayor of hochstadt, gunter schulz, sees it the same way: "there is nothing to be said against it. A lot has happened in hochstadt in the past few years, the city has blossomed." Schulz deliberately ran for office again to help shape the development of the city. As he revealed to the FT, he would also be prepared to run again for the office of second mayor. He will be elected by the new city council in the constituent meeting on 11. May.

With the eight votes of the young list, the three of the SPD, the one of the new citizens’ list and the one of the mayor, the absolute majority would be reached with 13 votes.

"Alliance of losers"

For the defeated candidate for mayor and spokesman for the CSU, alexander schulz, this would be "an alliance of losers". Finally, the young list and the SPD each lost two seats, while the CSU only gained one. Of these five seats, one each went to the burgerliste and the afd, and three were won outright by the greens. For alexander schulz, it’s "business as usual" in hochstadt city council. And for him, it would not have been wrong, especially in the current situation, to have "a majority at a coarser level" create. He is ready to work with any democratic grouping.

Mayor brehm also wanted to work with the CSU in an objective and constructive manner. However, he is not currently aiming for a closer alliance with the CSU in the hochstadt city council.

Brehm announces that the corona crisis will weigh heavily on the new council right from the start. "Everything must be reviewed." At the same time, however, the city council must stand by its statements, such as a new ice stadium.

Debts will rise

With commercial tax revenues already plummeting, brehm sees a significant increase in debt coming for the city. In the administrative budget, the head of the city is unavoidable drastic cuts, even the introduction of short-time work in the city hall will be considered. Nobody expected the current situation, says the mayor, who is glad that the city has a financial cushion. Brehm on municipalities in general: "those who don’t have reserves now will quickly reach the limit of their liquidity."