Works of art that exist only once

Angela hennemann and sonja gobel, the village youth leaders, didn't need to tell the children in the community center about the christmas story from the gospel of lucas: they had already heard a lot about the search for a new home and the birth of the savior. And so, after the burial, they grabbed a tree slice as a base to make their very own nativity scene. That not everyone followed the "script" of the performance the bible and some of the scenes that were made were interpreted in a modern way.

A little star as a halo

While the youngest children had to be helped by their parents, the schoolchildren went to work on their own. The task was to decorate the wooden figurine blanks with fuses and to make clothes for mary and joseph from scraps of fabric and felt. A little acorn hat became the man's headgear, maria usually got a headscarf. A small star was placed on the head of the baby jesus as a halo using glue. Of course the savior also got eyes, mouth and nose. And as it is appropriate for a christ child, it was bedded on straw.