The townscape of reichenbach is to be changed

The townscape of reichenbach is to be changed

"It should not be up to us. There is a lot of work to be done. But we will get it done", mayor karin ritter (SPD) was confident at the end of the council meeting. Together, the board agreed to proceed with the tender for the preparatory urban planning studies. This is the next step in the direction of a possible future-oriented change in the image of the city. In about four to five weeks, when the municipality has received the corresponding bids, the final course for the future of reichenbach will be set with the awarding of the contract at a further municipal council meeting.

The decision to initiate the preparatory urban planning studies had already been taken by the board some time ago. A basic framework approval from the government of upper franconia for the granting of demand funds in the amount of 30 percent was also granted.000 euro was already available, coupled with the submission of applications ready for approval. However, since there were still some unanswered questions on the part of the committee about the procedure and the further course of action, the building inspector had been invited to the meeting.

A framework concept is needed
Isabel strehle recalled the urban development concept that the rennsteig consortium had been working on together since 2008, which was "tough enough" had proceeded. Some could ask why there was a need for preparatory urban planning studies now that a concept was already in place. The main difference is that now – after the development of the community vision – the building structure is being considered. "For the construction, a framework concept is needed that links the individual subprojects, creates partial and object-specific processing", explained strehle, who is also responsible for the district of kronach in the urban development department of the government of upper franconia. The term "preparatory urban development studies" is taken from the building code.

The redevelopment area will be defined on the basis of the framework plan, which is the task of the municipal council by resolution, she said. "Thus they distribute fistfuls of rights and obligations", she clarified. Thus the municipality is the interface for all – public as well as private – redevelopment measures demanded with city building funds. With the redevelopment area and the framework plan, it is possible to set concrete goals. Every project in the public interest is examined not only with a view to obtaining building permission, but also from the point of view of redevelopment law. This also applies to private owners. The municipality has no access to privately owned buildings. "That's why many projects are also being shouldered by the private sector. The owners will receive substantial tax benefits", strehle has already whetted people's appetites.

"A view from auben – from a neutral point of view – is certainly not bad. In this way, you come across things that you might never have thought of otherwise, because you're just used to it", said the mayor. Councillor dieter zwosta (CSU) asked whether the requirement also applied to associations. Specifically, he addressed the – from the sports guards "oberer frankenwald" the construction of a coarse-caliber slide stand in reichenbach. According to strehle, there is no requirement for clubs in this sense; clubs are considered private in this case. A demand is not excluded if it is in the public interest.

Every project is audited
But every single project has to be tested. Particular attention is paid to the town centers. The redevelopment area must be formally defined for a time horizon of 15 years or more. "That means, one takes things for oneself, which are to be realized in 15 years", explained the building inspector. Projects that are not located in the redevelopment area were not requested, nor were illusory projects. There are also things that cannot be influenced because they depend on other decisions. It may also be possible – according to strehle – to increase the rate to 80 percent. It is important to create the right conditions for the current students to stay in reichenbach or come back after their education.

For the call for tenders, strehle recommended that eight to ten planning offices be contacted. The risk of vacancies also needs to be addressed, although it is not currently a problem in reichenbach. From the offers, the committee should choose the most suitable one, which should be done this year. The cost of the planning is expected to be in the range of 30 to 50 percent.000 euro to 35.000 euros, of which the municipality would have to pay half. No one need fear that the community will be robbed of something.