The neuser gallery can only be entered from the outside

The neuser gallery can only be entered from the outside

The church consecration festival this weekend marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the neuses parish church. Mary. On 24. May 1913, after several years of preliminary planning, the foundation stone was laid for the most important building in the village.

100 years ago, on 2. October, the following article appeared in the forchheimer tagblatt: "the new church in neuses, built by the members of the parish with voluntary contributions, is nearing completion. The church, built according to the plans of the architect ismayer from nurnberg and by master masons from willerdorf, is an ornament of the village and the whole area. The bells have been rung by auxiliary bishop dr. Senger already consecrated in the cathedral of bamberg, the bells are cast in the lotter bell foundry in bamberg. After that the consecration of the church will take place."

Rude thirst for action
From the documents the coarse drive of the people of neuses at that time emerges, as the eggolsheimer burgermeister claus schwarzmann (BB) has researched. In the difficult period before the first world war, they have turned to a strengthening of internal and religious values and have built a new house of worship for the people.

The then independent municipality has provided the land for the new building: through many private donations, the project could be realized with a cost of 9900 marks.

Until 1370, neuses belonged to the parish of forchheim. Then bishop ludwig detached the villages of pautzfeld, schlammersdorf and neuses from forchheim and formed the parish of pautzfeld. 1520 neuses came to the parish church st. Martin eggolsheim, into which it is integrated as a daughter church to this day. But the catholics of neu ses were always able to maintain a certain independence: on the one hand because of their own house of worship and on the other hand because of the fact that until the death of pastor paul starostzik in 2000, retired clergymen repeatedly chose neuses as their retirement home.

Enlarged in 1922
In 1922, the church was enlarged and a sacristy was added, but a further enlargement, considered in 1961, was not carried out.

In the place of the present chapel of the immaculate conception there was first a smaller chapel. It was st. The chapel was consecrated to st. Valentine and was built in a four-year construction period between 1847 and 1850 by the local council around georg krummer.

It is not known how the interior of the chapel was furnished. However, the descendants of the builder found an altarpiece with the image of st. Valentine, which they had kept after the demolition of the chapel. The restored wood panel painting was only recently unveiled and has found a new place in the church nave on the right side next to the altar.

The side altar on the left in front of the choir bears a wooden immaculata statue. The figure of the virgin mary refers to the patron saint of the church.

The small neo-romanesque high altar, which rests on a sandstone mensa with four projecting columns, is entirely gilded. It does not appear as an imposing eye-catcher, as is usually the case, because the apse of the church used to be decorated with a mural, which was painted over during one of the renovations.

The two stained glass windows to the right and left of the high altar by the artist christian abels from nurnberg depict saint emperor heinrich and saint empress kunigunde. The side gallery, the "chorla," is a special feature of the church in neueses with the four-arched arcades. It is only accessible from the outside.
To the 100. Consecration anniversary held by bamberger archbishop ludwig schick on kirchweih sunday, 13. October, at 9.30 o'clock together with pastor daniel schuster a pontifical mass.