Summer festival: bad bocklet in the sound of the 80s

On the meadows of the bad bockelt spa park, people are screwing, hammering and drilling in the scorching heat on thursday afternoon. The first supply tents and numerous cloisters for the bayern-1 summer festival on saturday, 29. June, are already. Numerous trucks are bringing in loads of furniture, building components and other utensils for the big party, where kim wilde and alphaville are to provide the music to bring back the "wild 1980s" will return once again. On friday evenings, when the former dirty dancing movie was shown at the drive-in theater (which, by the way, has been booked out for a long time) he event is flickering across the screen, and on saturday for the rough stage event, the organizers are expecting a total of up to 20,000 visitors.

In 2007: 9000 visitors

For the 1715-resident paying public baths, the party event is a "mad dash", as burgermeister andreas sandwall puts it. The people of bad bockelt are "in a very good mood" and are looking forward to what will take place in front of their houses in the coming days. Again and again he is asked how it happened that the munich radio station celebrates the festival in bad bocklet, says the burgermeister. Then he always tells that at first next to "his" building the small spa town had also been talking to larger cities such as wurzburg about the festival. But then the people of munich decided to go to the cozy town of bad bocklet.

Bayern 1 has had very good experiences with events in the spa park. In 2007, the station had already been there once with his "summer tour" guest. At that time 9000 fans from near and far came to the spectacle. This number will be easily topped, the mayor believes, because the bavarian broadcasting corporation is organizing only one summer festival in the free state this year. On wednesday, the last safety conference for the event took place, where the broadcaster's management presented its 100-page technical event concept to representatives of the fire department, police, red cross, district office and water rescue service. "We are very well prepared and have no fears."

Sandwall is also a bit excited, because the 1980s were also the decade of his youth, when he turned 18, says the 49-year-old. That's why he's looking forward to the songs of madonna, depeche mode or bryan adams – all of them catchy tunes that the bayern-1-band will be playing on saturday. The head of the market town thinks it's great that so many people between 50 and 60 are coming to the festival this weekend. "This is the target group that we would like to attract to the resort in the future."

Saturday's acts include cabaret artist chris boettcher, breakdance world champion killa sebi and BMX star chris bohm. There will also be photo events and a karaoke station. But you don't have to go home after the main acts. Rather, the 80s freaks can then rock with DJ tom glass until far into the night.

Admission is at 16 o'clock, end around 23 o'clock.45 o'clock.

For the residents of bad bocklet, it is no longer possible to drive through the town from the aschach traffic circle until 5 p.M. On sunday. Only festival-goers can get to the rough parking lot on the saalewiese, opposite the festival-land, from this side on saturday. But also guests coming from reichenbach (via highway 71), grobenbrach (from bad kissingen) and hohn (via highway 7) will of course be directed to the parking lot at the saale river. There are up to 10,000 parking spaces available there.