“Sometimes i’m not human anymore”

Coburg – it wasn"t easy to get an appointment with christina hein. The 16-year-old high school student "sacrificed" her life her lunch break to give us a glimpse into her weekly schedule. Actually, the hour between 1 and 2 p.M. Is reserved for her friends. The girls eat something, stroll around town a bit and enjoy the little free time they have.
37 hours a week on christina's schedule. In the morning she leaves at 6.50 o'clock the house, on tuesday and wednesday she comes only around 17 o'clock home. "Sometimes I'm not even human anymore", says the girl who is otherwise so much of a human being: an altar server, a musician, a group leader for the red cross for young people, and still a scout at heart. But two years ago she had to stop working for the globetrotters. "That was simply too much. I was on the road every vacation and, together with a friend, led a children's group with 32 children between the ages of five and 13."
Many of her fellow students had to give up one or two recreational activities, she. "It's hard to combine hobby and school", says the 16-year-old from experience. It is probably still one of the few who can afford the "luxury" volunteer commitment gonnt. Besides her passion for the saxophone, leading the youth group at the red cross in rodental is one of her favorite things to do: "working with children is really fun for me. I think it's important to teach them how to help others, to teach them not to look the other way when things like this happen!"

Parents are role models

Christina hein has parents who, as she says herself, have always been role models for her: her father is a nurse and volunteers for the red cross, and is also active in the singing club. Her mother is a nurse and is involved in the catholic church, organizing camps and caring for communion children. The daughter is proud of her parents and of what they do," says the girl.
She already regrets the fact that she has less and less time to serve as an altar server. But school comes first. The ninth-grader herself says that she is "only a middle-schooler" is. In latin she has to buffalo – even on saturday and sunday. There's not enough time in the week for that. When there is a big band rehearsal at the albertinum, it is sometimes even later than 5 p.M. And then nothing goes into the human head anymore.