Risk of infection: “we have advised our employees to stay at home”

risk of infection: 'we have advised our employees to stay at home'

In china, there are said to be around forty million people whose freedom of movement is restricted by the coronavirus. And in this country, too, the risk of infection is being taken increasingly seriously, especially since the first case of the novel coronavirus in germany was confirmed yesterday in bavaria.

For the health department in forchheim this was not a reason "to prepare specially", as holger strehl (press spokesman at the district administration office) says; but there are institutions in the forchheim region that deal with the issue, for example the BRC. Most concretely, however, the bavarian state office for health and food safety (LGL) in erlangen. This authority has set itself up to analyze blood samples that can prove a possible infection.

"Virus can strike anywhere"

At the forchheim clinic, managing director sven oelkers keeps himself permanently informed. But, oelkers told the FT on tuesday, "the virus can strike anywhere at any time." In other words: the clinical center forchheim cannot make any special preparations, there are no drugs against the infectious disease anyway. "If a suspected case comes, then it is examined and isolated, as with other cases of infection.", oelkers describes .

If there was a suspicious case, then it was reported to the responsible offices at the district administration and the currently established staff office in munich. Since a patient affected by the coronavirus could not be treated in forchheim, affected patients were transferred to one of the two special hospitals in wurzburg and munich.

The virus kept the employees of healthineers, a company based in erlangen and forchheim, on the move much more. "We are dealing with it and we have to look closely, after all we have employees in china", says press spokesman heiko jahr. Not only were all employees informed via the intranet how they could protect themselves and what the state of the situation was. Recommendations were also made, says heiko jahr: "business trips to china should be avoided unless they are absolutely necessary."

100 employees in wuhan

And heiko jahr’s colleague stefan schmidt reminds us that the company healthineers in wuhan (from where the virus began to spread) has 100 employees "on site" have. "We are working extremely closely with the local authorities there. And we advised our employees to stay at home and work from there", says stefan schmidt. "The good news is that so far there are no employees who have fallen ill."

By contrast, the situation at geiger in pretzfeld is completely relaxed. Although the company was purchased in 2018 by the chinese parent company zhejiang tieliu clutch. But as kerstin kress, the assistant to the managing director, says, there is no exchange of employees – and no visits are planned at the moment. Only very rarely did a chinese delegation come to pretzfeld "the last time was a year ago."