Red wine and beer – it always goes well

Red wine and beer - it always goes well

"Once friends, always friends. Under this motto, students from the habfurt secondary school and the habfurt grammar school held a party at the school center to mark the 50th anniversary of the french language. Anniversary of the signing of the german-french treaty a living contribution to the german-french partnership. The celebration took place on thursday in the all-day care building "silverfish" instead of.

For the past ten years, the annual meeting of the 22. January "german-french day celebrated as a day of friendship. "It is so important because it is a day of rewards and marks the new beginning between the two states", kurt sieber explained to the schoolchildren. Kurt sieber, formerly a high school teacher, is both the district council's partnership representative for the german-french partnership in the habberge district and chairman of the habberge-tricastin friendship group, which received the lower franconia district's partnership award in 2012. The district of habberge maintains a partnership with the district of tricastin.

The fact that the franco-german day also connects the schools was emphasized by wilfried kohler, head of the french department at the gymnasium. "For three years now, the grammar school and the secondary school, where french has also been taught for many years, have been celebrating this day in a german-german partnership", said. He recalled that the first exchange between the gymnasium habfurt and the lycee gustave jaume in pierrelatte took place in 1969 and that since then hundreds of students had visited the respective partner schools. The habberge-tricastin circle of friends also made a major contribution to the exchange.

Enemies became friends
The students of class 9d of the secondary school showed with their contributions that they had intensively studied the topic "how enemies became friends" with their teacher and head of the french department, eva fischer had employed. In one scene, they briefly but clearly explained the historical background that ultimately led to the elysee treaty. With a lot of humor, they then highlighted in german and french the peculiarities that french people say about germans and vice versa: "the french are arrogant towards other speakers, love art, are punctual but cheerful, love love, the baguette and red wine, while the germans drink beer, eat sauerkraut, are serious and punctual, love their car and live to work", to then explain that these prejudices do not quite correspond to reality after all.

In a roundtable discussion, they featured karl lagerfeld, franck ribery, angela merkel, francois hollande and jorn bousselmi, the executive director of the french-german chamber of commerce and industry in paris, as guests. In a casual conversation, these celebrities, who contribute to the strengthening of the franco-german friendship, were allowed to tell what they like about france and germany. The highlights were a german and a french ballet dancer and "carla bruni" as a sanger on.

Common ground
How the elysee treaty came about and how it has been brought to life over the last 50 years was reported by pupils of class 10b of the gymnasium in a power point presentation prepared by their teacher katrin rathke. As examples of the richness and diversity of franco-german cooperation, they mentioned the bilingual television channel "arte", the "german-french university", the "german-french youth organization and the german-french history book series with the world's first, in two states, content identical textbook. "With its undeniable achievements and its unique power as a source of inspiration, franco-german cooperation is constantly renewing itself", said the schoolchildren.

On the occasion of the anniversary, kurt sieber recounted that during the second world war, the doctor wilhelm baumann from ebern and the french pastor abbe launay had saved the lives of german troops trapped by the allies in the cauldron of chambois and tournai in normandy and had prevented a slaughter between the enemy troops. Sieber clarified the situation at the time by showing the schoolchildren a listening game recorded by a french acting group from the decisive conversations between the german major and the french pastor in a realistic scenario with all the background noise. "Thank god the reality is different today", kurt sieber emphasized.