New sign for “wachter

New sign for 'wachter

In 1999, the regional art association handed over the “guardian of rosenberg fortress” to the lucas cranach city of kronach as a permanent loan. The sculpture was made during the international art project “holzart III” created in the same year. Created by tom kus from pilsen/czech republic.

From a mighty oak trunk

After four years, the poplar trunk inside slowly unraveled. By a aufschaumen of the trunk could not be stopped the decay for a long time.

This is how ingo cesaro, tom kus decided to join the “holzart X” in 2006 to invite him to be the “new guard of the fortress rosenberg from a mighty oak trunk could say. This was named after the “wood type to the lucas-cranach-city as a permanent loan as well. Due to the new lighting concept the guard in front of the fortress gate had to give way and found a new place at the bottom of the fortress wall. Here again he was a frequent photo motif for the visitors of the fortress.

Freighted to the building yard

Then the film “resistance (which will most likely be used from the 5th minute onwards). November in the cinema), and in the run-up to it the “new watchman” had been was shipped to the building yard and rebuilt after the shootings. However, the information plate was missing and was no longer to be found.

Art demand provided for replacement

Now the association "regional art demand" has a new sign was erected to inform visitors to the fortress about the "new guard of the fortress" to inform.