Municipality of sand raises demand for bowling alley renovation

Municipality of sand raises demand for bowling alley renovation

In addition to the grant already approved in april for the renovation of the four-lane bowling facility, the SKK receives an additional request every nine months. This was decided by the municipal council of sand with 9:6 votes in its youngest meeting on tuesday evening.

According to mayor bernhard rub (SPD), the main reason for the new proposal is that the construction costs have increased from 71,000 euros to 100,000 euros. Already on 19. In april of this year the council decided to subsidize the renovation of the bowling alley with the municipal rate of 15 percent. The prerequisite for this was that the work and the costs for it be recognized by the sports association (BLSV). A shortfall of 20,150 euros now mentioned by the association results in part from services not recognized by the BLSV. If one bases the recognized achievements, the shortfall amounts to 11 500 euro.

In a lively discussion, the community council deliberated on various possible solutions. Heinrich schmitt (free sander burghers) pleaded for the complete shortfall of 20,150 euros to be paid out in addition to the 15 percent already approved (13,650 euros), i.E. A total of 33,800 euros. "After all, we are investing in our own buildings here", according to schmitt. Second mayor gerhard zosch (CSU) saw it similarly, because the association uses the building only in hereditary lease. On behalf of the CSU faction, zosch demanded a one-time subsidy of 10,000 euros, so that together with the 15 percent already approved, a total sum of 23,650 euros results.

Third mayor paul hummer (SPD) saw the whole thing a bit different. He feared that the door would be opened to further covetousness if an additional subsidy were decided upon. According to hummers opinion one must treat then in the future other associations in the same way, if now the amount is increased.

Mayor bernhard rub saw a need for clarification with the association and suggested to talk to its representatives and to have everything explained in detail. With regard to an extraordinary grant for another association whose dissolution had destroyed the entire structure of the association and its youth work, and where the existence of volunteer board members was also threatened, rub explained that no conclusions could be drawn from this and that the situation at that time could not be compared with the current situation of the SKK every nine years. Finally, the CSU’s proposal was voted on and approved. The sport bowling club receives thus a total sum of 23 650 euro from the municipality.

Also at the request of the CSU faction, an honorary order for the municipality was discussed. Hereby the special merits and achievements in the sporting, cultural, charitable or professional/scientific field as well as honorary and/or communal political work of particularly committed fellow citizens are to be honored. This is to be done in a more coarse setting during a festive evening. The previous honors are to remain unchanged. The council agreed in principle to the proposal, although mayor rub asked members to think again about whether and which classifications should be used for the honors. A decision on this will be made at one of the next meetings.

After several mourners had complained about the cold in the blessing hall in the winter months, the CSU group had made the request to investigate how this can be remedied. The building administration is of the opinion that there is indeed a need for heating and proposed a variant with electric infrared radiators. Local councillor bastian hummer (SPD) asked whether it was possible to use heating mats, which are also used in swimming pools and are located under the floor covering. The decision was accepted and the administration was commissioned to find out whether heating mats were technically feasible and what the costs would be.

Nothing stands in the way of joyful celebrations in sand in the coming year either. The council unanimously cleared the way for three traditional festivals. The carnival committee sand holds its carnival procession and the subsequent party in the marquee at the seestrabe on carnival sunday as usual. The hospitality of the kirchwei tent will be provided in 2019 by the 1. FC sand. Finally, the "wein&" association is allowed to continue its work main", which consists of young sander winemakers, extend the holding of their wine presentations to four days. The so called small wine festival will take place from friday to monday at the playground "worth" will take place.