Heldritt: 59-year-old dies in fire

Heldritt: 59-year-old dies in fire

Thursday, 10.45 o'clock, in heldritt: smoke rises from a house in the center of town. An attentive neighbor observes the whole thing and immediately calls the fire department. But for the 59-year-old owner of the house, help comes too late. He had been on the first floor of the house and had already lost his life in the flames.

Even an hour later, dense smoke still pours out of all the windows of the house, the street smells of burnt wood. The fire department is jolted into action, smashing the windows and trying to get the fire under control as quickly as possible. A crane is used so that the helpers can keep track of the damage. A total of 75 firefighters from heldritt, bad rodach, meeder, grobwalbur and elsa are doing their best to contain the blaze. In addition, 32 rescue workers were also called to the scene. The road is full of emergency vehicles, the local thoroughfare is closed so that the vehicles of the relief workers can enter unhindered. Emergency chaplains care for the victim's brother, who had rushed to the scene of the accident in the meantime.

Acute danger of collapse
The roof beams of the house have caught fire, everything is in danger of collapsing. Now the construction has to be secured to enable the police to do their work, as ulrich bosecker, head of the bad rodach police department, explains. The THW arrived with ten rescue workers to take on the task.

After some time, the first fire engines are withdrawn and the firefighters continue the firefighting operation in the house. Even after several hours the flames flare up again and again. Then three of the rescue workers carry a blue plastic bag out of the house. Only at second glance does it become clear what the rescuers have recovered: the charred body of the dog, which died with its master in the flames.

The 59-year-old victim came from heldritt. He was away on business for a long time and only returned a few years ago and moved into the old house. He lived there very withdrawn. The cause of the fire is still unclear. There is speculation that the oven may not have been working properly. In total, the house in the street "zur schwaige" is under construction a damage of 120.000 euro. Investigations by the fire investigators of the coburg criminal police continue.

For the children of the heldritter kindergarten, which is located right next to the fire site, the fire brought a rude awakening. They were evacuated for safety reasons and accommodated in the community center.