Farmers complain about “pig congestion

The corona-related reduction in capacity in german pig slaughterhouses and cutting plants is a cause of concern for farmers. Slaughterhouses are no longer in a position to accept all the animals ready for slaughter, complains the interessengemeinschaft der schweinehalter deutschlands (ISN), based in damme, lower saxony. There is a real "pig jam. Farmers didn"t know where to put the animals.

The federal states reacted differently to the emergency call from the pig farmers: the ministry of labor and social affairs in north rhine-westphalia, for example, allowed a ban on the 3. October the slaughter and rough cutting of pork, a ministry spokesman confirmed.

In neighboring lower saxony, on the other hand, the state government believes that slaughterhouse capacity is being exhausted. "We are aware of the problem and are looking for solutions, but it is not feasible in the short term", said a spokeswoman for the ministry of agriculture. In north rhine-westphalia and lower saxony the pig attitude plays a particularly rough role in the country-wide comparison.

Slaughterhouses and cutting plants are currently cutting back on slaughtering, mainly to protect against infection, said heike harstick, chief executive of the meat industry association. Protecting employees has top priority. In addition, there is already a shortage of workers due to the ban on factory work, which will come into force on october 1. To come into force on january. The market currently looks bleak for pig producers. After african swine fever was detected in germany, many foreign markets are no longer available for export – prices fall.