Experience the visit to the dentist in a whole new way

Experience the visit to the dentist in a whole new way

Since 1. January 2019 hannah zametzer and her team enrich the community of effeltrich with their new family dental practice. The new rooms are modern, bright, open and convince with a skilful mixture of natural materials with modern furnishings.

The family practice specializes in anxiety patients – from children to seniors. "Personally, I find it very nice and varied to practice dentistry for different age groups", according to dentist hannah zametzer, who passed her exams in 2013.

In addition to the modern technology and equipment, it is above all the friendly and warm atmosphere and the way of treating patients that makes this dental practice something special.

"We plan a lot of time for our patients to create appropriate and individual treatment plans", explains hannah zametzer. She takes her time, explains the treatments step by step – especially with the support of modern technology. Each treatment room has screens that show every step of the treatment process. The practice avoids long waiting times with a well thought-out ordering system. Patients benefit from the highest level of dental equipment. The patients' wishes come first here. "It's the patient's decision that pays", says hannah zametzer.

"It's a family practice, because I like to do dentistry for the whole family", according to hannah zametzer. As a mother of two small boys, the treatment of children without fear and with patience is especially important to her. She knows how important it is to help young patients overcome their fear of going to the dentist "because it is important, especially in childhood, to take care of their oral health in order to have healthy teeth later on". She manages to make a visit to the dentist less of a treatment and more of an exciting experience for her little ones. "They will be introduced to every instrument, will be allowed to steer the dental chair themselves and will be able, for example, to look into their mother's mouth."

But the treatment of elderly people and people in need of care is also important to her "because unhealthy oral flora can also have an effect on the entire organism", female the dentist.

Hannah zametzer took over the practice of her father, a general practitioner, last year after having already gained experience in two dental practices. She loved to renovate the practice rooms from april 2018 to december and has now re-founded the family practice at the beginning of the year. The dentist is pleased with the result, but knows that she did not do it alone. "I would like to thank first of all my team, but also my companies for their support." The biggest thanks, however, go to her parents and to her husband.

Experience here a new kind of dental treatment – free of fear and above all personal. Hannah zametzer and her team look forward to your visit.