Decision on airport opening uncertain

Decision on airport opening uncertain

Right at the start of his term of office, the new head of engineering horst amann has to check whether the targeted date of 17. March 2013 for the opening is tenable. The 59-year-old officially started work at the airport construction site on wednesday. The project, which is worth billions, has been making headlines for months because of the repeated postponement of the opening date and a steady stream of new mishaps.

Until now, it was expected that amann would make a statement after the supervisory board meeting on 16 december. August to the opening date aubert. "We will see if he is able to say this conclusively at the supervisory board meeting or if he needs a long time. I can’t estimate that yet," said berlin’s mayor, klaus wowereit (SPD), in an interview with the dpa news agency.

Amann had already been to the construction site several times in recent weeks, the airport company announced on wednesday. The former chief planner of the frankfurt airport company fraport replaces manfred kortgen, who had to resign because of the scandal in schonefeld. Amann knows his way around problematic projects – he built the politically controversial new northwest runway in frankfurt. In the industry, he is regarded as "very experienced and assertive," according to the airport company. Amann recently called the timetable for the capital city airport "absolutely ambitious.

Amann has the freedom to examine the planning in detail, emphasized airport supervisory board chairman wowereit. "We are well advised not to exert pressure here."The most important thing is to have a realistic, reliable assessment. "It is clear that there must be a high degree of reliability."

Federal transport minister peter ramsauer (CSU) also called for the target date not to be adhered to by hook or by crook. "If it’s not really absolutely certain that everything is ready so that a smooth start-up can take place, then you should think twice about this date," he said on ARD’s "morgenmagazin" television program. The 17. March 2013 had been a wish of wowereits.

Wowereit, on the other hand, stressed that the new date was not a political decision, but would be determined by the construction schedule. Now it is a matter of finding a reliable date. "There must never again be a situation where you have to say four weeks before the opening that it won’t work out again," wowereit stressed. "That would have been fatal."

Although initial tests of the complex smoke extraction system have been positive, not all problems have automatically been solved, wowereit said. "Last tuesday’s tests do not yet guarantee later acceptance. They have, however, been important and have also brought clear insights."The approval of the fire protection system, which had originally led to the delayed opening, is expected in december at the earliest.