Cherries at the wurmerich auction

For three decades, the cherry trees on the wurmerich have been cared for by the fruit and horticulture association. And every year the cherry harvest is also "auctioned".
This year the harvest was very small. The trees had blossomed abundantly in april and walkers or cyclists were happy about the spring picture. A few weeks later the late frost put an end to these hopes. Only a few trees on the edge of town bore light and dark red cherries. For harvesting you need a ladder.
Arnulf hausdorfer, chairman of the nudlingen fruit and horticulture association, and association treasurer gunter haub, were pleased that two interested parties came to the "auction" had appeared.

Divided by two

Helmut rittmeyer from munnerstadt and ekkehard simon from bad kissingen took a look at the first tree with the coarse yield and agreed to share the harvest. The "offer to buy, a total of eight euros, was immediately accepted by gunter haub.

Frost damage

The chairman of the OGV was pleased that despite the frost damage the auction did not have to be cancelled. Perhaps the situation will be quite different again next year.