Bad kissingen: rather not a night of sports, but ….

No, certainty, whether the "night of sports the TSV’s acting chairman michael nachemia has no idea whether the event will actually take place in november. But he won’t give up. If necessary, he has alternatives in mind.

At the night of sports, the city acts as the organizer; the TSV "only" organizes the event the framework program. So the administration has to decide. But from the office of the mayor dirk vogel (SPD) it is on request only: "the city of bad kissingen and the TSV bad kissingen are regarding the night of the sport in talks. We are evaluating the situation together and will be happy to inform you of this decision in due course." A meeting in the next few weeks is being considered.

Concrete in september?

Michael nachemia hopes "to hear something concrete in the course of september". But the 56-year-old can say one thing: "the night of sports is not completely off the table, even though it looks negative from the city’s side. But there are smaller replacement events in the room."

This statement is based on the provisional TSV chairman on conversation with the responsible employee of the city administration. And his firm intention to come up with something appropriate in the event of a cancellation.

Similar concept as last year

In the (rather unlikely) event that the night of sports can take place, nachemia is relying on the concept introduced only last year with two separate areas, one for the honors and one for the show part. He also wanted to work together again with the circus luna from langendorf. Unlike 2019, when the new concept required longer preparation, the 56-year-old believes a lead time of four weeks is sufficient.

In the (more likely) event of a cancellation, nachemia wants to ask the members of his club an important question: can they imagine working together to put on a TSV-internal replacement event??

Offering something in times of cancellations

Although the current vice president does not see too many athletes to be honored – simply because many competitions were canceled because of corona. But there were enough people whose performance was worthy of appreciation: coaches and managers who had to work harder because of the pandemic and were happy to accept that. Members who stand firm for their sport in spite of heavy restrictions. "Especially in times when a lot of things are canceled, people are grateful when something takes place."

Whether it will be the night of sports or something else: the spectators were allowed to become a sticking point. For the concept applied for the first time in 2019 envisaged them sitting closer together and closer to the action on the show floor. It should be easier for the mood to spread to her.

Gedrange unwanted

Such a hustle and bustle is undesirable in corona times. Michael nachemia wanted to consult with peter bethauser from circus luna on how to "conjure up a good atmosphere in the bayernhalle" with a smaller crowd that is not allowed to sit in a crowded position let. It might be possible to spread the visitors over two evenings of the event.

The night of the sport is not the only construction site, which occupies michael nachemia. The TSV-chairwoman claudia lachmann put with letter of 28. May 2020 "for private reasons with immediate effect" resigned from office; their deputy nachemia resigned as provisional head of the association. And is now responsible not only for organizational matters and the development of the club for the future, but also for the day-to-day running of the club. A double task that, according to the 56-year-old IT entrepreneur, takes up a lot of his time – even if it’s "only" for the circus an honorary position is.

Chairmanship remains unclear

Michael nachemia has no great ambitions to become the official chairman of the TSV, he says. He was going to make it. But only if the tasks in the 1,000-member association are distributed over more shoulders and precisely defined. The acting head hopes for more candidates.

Nachemia has not yet called a meeting of members to elect a new board of directors. Because of corona. It’s the same with the spectators at the night of sports. The 56-year-old does not have a place in which he can accommodate the hundreds of potential voters at a distance and without the risk of infection. Even though he knows from experience that probably only 30 to 40 members will show up.