Tower tower opens for guests

Since 1993, the federal republic of germany has been holding a. Sunday in september the "day of the open monument" instead of. On this day, visitors are to be given free access to objects that would otherwise remain closed to them. In recent years, around 2700 municipalities with 7500 monuments have participated in this day.

The herzogenaurach local heritage association has been actively involved since 2004. On the subject of "water there was a guided tour along the aurach river with its mills. In the following years, numerous visitors were interested in the topics of sacred buildings, wood, color, or last year, the historical part of the herzogenaurach castle.

"Discover what connects us"

On 9. September 2018 the motto is "discover what unites us". Those responsible at the local history society agreed that many people from herzogenaurach and visitors pass by the turmersturm in hauptstrabe every day, but that unlike the fehnturm in the east of the city, very few have ever seen the tower from the inside or enjoyed the somewhat different view from lofty heights. The chairman of the association, klaus-peter gabelein, has therefore set himself the task of explaining the history of the tower and its "inner life" to interested visitors to prasentieren.

History and stories

Visitors learn interesting facts about the construction of the stone colossus, the structure, the history and the use of the tower in its 650-year history. It is a question of who inhabited the western tower, how it was used and how it is still used, because often the tower room is lit up on thursdays.

The local association offers on 9. September there will be a total of three tours, because only a limited number of visitors can be admitted due to the limited space and for safety reasons. The tours take place at 10 a.M., 11 a.M. And at 2 p.M.