Torches, music and words of warning

"In 1949 our country was divided, on 2.12.1989 we shook hands again" stands on the memorial stone at the former inner german border between allertshausen (market maroldsweisach) and hellingen (town heldburg). To the 30. On the occasion of the first opening of the border at the same location, a good 100 citizens from the bavaria/thuringia border region came on monday evening.

"An impressive image, wolfram thein, mayor of the market town of maroldsweisach, was delighted, looking at the phalanx of visitors standing in front of him with torches. Thein was able to welcome colleagues from ebern, hofheim and riedbach, while heldburg’s mayor, christopher other, was able to identify guests even from schleusingen. The good response shows him that the topic of reunification is still on people’s minds, said thein, "and it shows that everyone is grateful that it has come about this way, that the border has fallen and that we are one germany again." As a 16-year-old, the man from maroldsweisach "experienced the unforgettable days and nights back in november 1989". To the "miracle of the peaceful revolution the "happiest days in the history of germany, indeed for all of europe" followed for him.

"Now give thanks to god the brass band "riether musikanten" played. A few meters behind the musicians, the rough brown sign indicates the exact time the border was opened: "here, germany and europe were separated until the second half of the year. December 1989, 2 p.M., divided". "Even today, most conversations on the subject of east and west begin with "do you still know back then? …", said thein. On that tuesday, the news spread like wildfire that the fence was coming down. People flocked to the border in their thousands. "A day as beautiful as today, with this song the allertshausers buried their neighbors from hellingen, who had been so far away just a short time before.

Those who were there back then when the iron curtain was finally torn open here almost a month after the joyous celebration in berlin still get goose bumps today. Bernard M. Was one of them. The former border policeman was 34 years old and experienced the emotional moments together with his family. To the 30. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the fall of the wall, the man interested in history drove over the old border stations again at the beginning of november. "I have let my thoughts slip", he describes "the memories can’t be suppressed."

Thein recalled that only five days after the first border was opened, the road between allertshausen and hellingen was begun after agreements with the counties of hildburghausen and habberge. So on the 10. December, when the security fence was opened for the first time for eight hours, motorized visitors were also streaming westward. As everywhere along the border, a state of "exception" prevailed here as well. Thein: "everyone was entertained, they celebrated and made friends across the border." At 9 p.M., however, everyone had to get behind "theirs fence back.

The following weekend, the payment of the funeral allowance presented the market town with problems: it ran out of money. The banks on site provided a remedy, thein said. Anyone who experienced it all live will never forget these images. The meetings on the anniversaries are all the more important "in order not to let this part of the important history fall into oblivion".

The heldburger unterland is characterized by its border location, said other. There are many points of contact between maroldsweisach and heldburg, and special friendships have been forged. Even though he experienced the "days of change only "experienced" in his mother’s womb , reminded other of the "great performance" of the brave ones who went to the streets for an end of the unjust state and thus opened up completely different possibilities for the following ones. Instead of unfreedom and injustice, there is therefore togetherness and solidarity.

At the end of the ceremony, the riether musikanten sang the national anthem. All the participants this evening are as aware of unity as they are of living in justice and freedom, which should not be taken for granted. How printed it other? "All those who sow hate should look here and see what freedom brings." To pass on this message, this "wonderful moment" to pass on, therein lies the historical mission, he said. The celebration was followed by a cosy get-together at the hartleb inn in maroldsweisach.