Study: family-friendliness pays off for companies

Study: family-friendliness pays off for companies

In 2007 and 2012, the family awareness of 944 companies was surveyed for this purpose. The study was commissioned by the frankfurt-based berufundfamilie gmbh, which was founded in 1998 by the non-profit hertie foundation.

For example, the illness rate at companies classified as very family-friendly is 22 percent lower than the average, while at less family-friendly companies the figure is 27 percent higher than the average. The employees are also more motivated and qualified, they learn the ropes faster, and they are less likely to complain.

According to the research institute, the study is representative for germany in terms of employee size and sector affiliation. 21 questions were asked by telephone on the subject of family-friendliness and 25 different key figures were queried.

On average, the data show "that corporate family awareness has increased across the company landscape," the authors write.

According to the study, companies that "see themselves under strong competitive pressure on the personnel market" achieve above-average values in the compatibility of family and work. Moreover, companies with a high proportion of women and a young workforce are usually more family-conscious.

Only on the issue of collegiality did the scores in 2012 fall behind those in 2007, the authors say: "one explanation could be that employees without family obligations do not feel they are treated equally because of the increased consideration for colleagues with family obligations."