Silberhorn in forchheim: “it will become more unusual”

Silberhorn in forchheim: 'it will become more unusual'

Shocked were the blacks who met yesterday in the "stadtlockal did not meet, because many had already predicted a sobering result before 6 p.M. Eduard noth, for example, the ex-member of the state parliament: "i have the feeling that it will remain a rough coalition – and that disappoints me." Noth was really disappointed half an hour later when he analyzed the CSU’s vote losses in bavaria on his cell phone: he had expected about 47 percent, but at that point it was an elusive ten percent less.

Thomas werner, head of the CSU forchheim-mitte, who had invited all CSU members of the city (around 450) to the election party, was also not overly optimistic and "a little nervous". At 17.At 45 o’clock he was still counting on the last predicted 36 percent for the union.

A little later, werner buried the CSU’s direct candidate for the federal parliament, thomas silberhorn. And when the first forecasts flickered across the screen, even silberhorn found it difficult to pick out the positive aspects of this election: "after all, we are by far the strongest force in the country." The winner of the direct mandate in the bamberg-forchheim electoral district named the refugee issue as the main problem: it had produced too many protest voters.

Regarding the possible formation of a government, silberhorn said: "in this constellation, nothing can be estimated at all yet. What is certain is that it will be more unusual." Under no circumstances, however, would there be any cooperation with the afd, emphasized the re-elected CSU member of parliament, who lost over ten percent of his first votes compared to the 2013 federal election.

He thanked his comrades-in-arms for the election campaign: "it has rarely worked as well as it did this time. For example, we distributed 25,000 more flyers than last time." Silberhorn reminded party members that "the election campaign is not over". The state parliament and district elections hours before the tur.

Jamaica and humor

A little later, the 48-year-old tried to take the looming jamaica solution with humor. The green toni hofreiter was just heard on television congratulating the union on its election victory. Silberhorn: "we have to start worrying when hofreiter congratulates us."

A little later, silberhorn set off for bamberg, where he had invited people to an election party. Meanwhile, the mood among the CSU members in forchheim remained mixed. "That was foreseeable", dieter george commented on the election campaign.

The ex-cultural affairs officer and experienced CSU campaign strategist from forchheim related the union’s poor result to the fact that "too many conservative positions have been abandoned for a long time. Now he hopes for "a new creativity" in the jamaica coalition, george said. However, he also said that the union had to deal with the "recalcitrant FDP" will have a hard time.

Former third mayor maria wagner was more confident. She gave thomas silberhorn a coffee mug with the inscription "black and strong". And she encouraged the upcoming coalition negotiations with a quote from herbert wehner: "opposition banks are tough." What maria wagner meant to say was that if the greens and the FDP did not want to go into opposition, they had to be "responsive" to the demands of the union remain.