Rambacher want to cross the street safely again

Rambacher want to cross the street safely again

The expansion of the A3 autobahn is scheduled to last until 2024. This is how long the citizens of the schlusselfeld villages will have to live with the detour traffic when the trunk road is closed due to accidents.
Sometimes several times a week, all the traffic passes through schlusselfeld, said mayor johannes krapp (CSU) at the meeting of the city council on thursday evening. While the town center of schlusselfeld will be spared due to the bypass via veit-dennert-strabe, krapp says that the districts of rambach and thungfeld "will suffer the most".
Recently, more complaints have been received from citizens that it is almost impossible to cross the street. In the context of a traffic inspection, the state building authority has now agreed to install pedestrian crossing lights. In rambach this will be on high the chapel, in thungfeld at the bus stop near the bahnubergang. Because the sight lines in rambach are insufficient, speed limits of 30 km/h must be imposed and the rambach sign moved further in the direction of aschbach. The city of schlusselfeld should also make a contribution by having tempomessgerates with smileys put up at its own expense.

Thanks to the state building authority

"The rates will not prevent all speeders from driving fast", said krapp. But it will surely improve the situation. It is an important step to bring children and old people safely across the street. The mayor was very grateful to the state building authority for taking on this problem. Winfried gerner (UBG), city councilor from thungfeld, buried this decision. He would like to go one step further and create another possibility for pedestrians in the center of thungfeld. Gerner therefore asked to review the results of the facilities after a trial period. Mayor krapp assumes that the traffic lights will remain in place until the highway expansion project is completed, i.E. Until 2024.

30 km/h speed limit in the direction of the sports grounds

There was also a discussion about traffic calming in the area of the town hall, the sports ground and the kindergarten. Mainly for the safety of the children who are delivered, train or do gymnastics there, the council decided to reduce the speed of the road leading to the sports ground to 30 mph. In the "an der reichen ebrach" street but they did not want to change anything. Only residents were allowed to drive into the purely residential street. They can be expected to drive in an appropriate manner.