Model building fascinates for 25 years

model building fascinates for 25 years

"The youth work has a very special value for us", says jurgen keller. The 1. The chairman of the modellbaufreunde volkach is proud of the fact that more and more young people have become friends with model sport in recent years. Because the model-building friends are celebrating their 25th anniversary this year and therefore wanted to dedicate a symbolic act to the youth, they donated 1000 euros for the new building of the volkach kindergarten. The check was now accepted by kindergarten director petra hohn and 2. Mayor reinhold reichl received by a delegation of the jubilee association in the town hall.

Many events
The proceeds from the various events of the model building friends made it possible to work for a good cause. Especially the meetings on the already situated land at the kirchberg near volkach, where bratwursts, cakes and pancakes were sold, love many euros tumble into the club's coffers. The main source of income, according to the chairman, is the traditional model building exhibition that the model building friends hold every year on the weekend of the volkach spring market in the mainschleifenhalle. Next weekend it will be time again. The jubilee exhibition awaits its visitors on saturday and sunday with attractive exhibits, exhibitors and performances.

Popular vacation pass events past events were a mecca for all young and young-at-heart model fans, who were always guaranteed an entertaining stroll through the areas of airplanes/helis, railroads and ships. "Since 1988 we have been constantly expanding our club and our country", emphasizes keller. Numerous events in all sectors as well as an open and friendly club atmosphere offered model builders the opportunity to live out their hobby in a relaxed manner. In the past, the girls and boys also enjoyed the vacation fun activities with the model-building friends' supervisors. "There were always 20 to 25 children in all age groups", keller remembers.

Young people are welcome
The chairman likes to beat the drum for young pilots. "Young people are always welcome here." Thanks to the modern materials and techniques used, the construction phase of a model aircraft up to active flight has become attractive. Not only the youngest receive help from the club's section leaders. Also older people, who want to live their childhood dream once again, are supported. In addition to the club's leaders, all the active pilots are happy to help beginners build and fly the models.

Deputy mayor reinhold reichl praised the efforts of the model builders for the youth. He liked to let it be known that the money for the kindergarten was urgently needed in view of empty city coffers. The head of the kindergarten, petra hohn, could imagine that the sum would be used for a water playground. But the final decision had not yet been made. She invited model construction boss keller and his comrades to visit the kindergarten. He was happy about the invitation, because "the infection with the desire for model making begins very early, even in kindergarten". He hopes that one or two parents will come with their little ones to visit the club grounds.