Master craftsman’s diploma presented

Master craftsman's diploma presented

93 master craftswomen from all over bavaria received their master craftswomen’s certificates on friday at the onoldia conference center in ansbach. From the bavarian state ministry of food, agriculture and forestry, the head of the home economics department andrea seidl presented the master craftswomen’s certificates and also awarded the 35 best master craftswomen and graduates of the other home economics professions with the master craftswomen’s award of the bavarian state government. "This is a certificate that says they belong to the professional elite in home economics," praised seidl, seidl praised the award winners. Tanja purucker received the master craftswomen’s certificate from the erlangen-hochstadt district.

In coarse households for special groups of people, such as senior citizens or children, or in seminar and conference houses, the master craftswomen not only ensure the physical well-being of residents and guests, but also provide an attractive and stimulating living environment, seidl continued. But many graduates also use their skills to become self-employed or use the training to gain a second foothold in the agricultural industry. In the field of home economics, challenging and responsible management tasks await the newly qualified master craftswomen, specialist home economists, village assistants, and technicians and business economists for food and supply management.