Left-wing politician ramelow: take off ideological blinkers

left-wing politician ramelow: take off ideological blinkers

Thuringia’s left-wing minister president bodo ramelow has supported the push by his schleswig-holstein CDU colleague daniel gunther for more openness between the two parties.

"It’s high time to take off the ideological blinkers," he told the "passauer neue presse" (online) directed at both sides.

Unlike gunther, who had qualified his remarks, ramelow seems to be considering government alliances in principle. When asked if there was "a fundamental openness for coalitions with the CDU," the left-wing politician replied: "we need this openness."

In his further remarks, however, he then spoke only about language and cooperation at another level: "i also have to talk to bavaria’s minister-president markus soder of the CSU when it comes to solving problems that affect our countries. How else to do it, if not through constructive language? If we find a common position, there can also be votes in the bundesrat and the bundestag that no longer follow the logic of the cold war."

Other left-wing party politicians had buried gunther’s rehabilitation, but otherwise emphasized the separation from the CDU.

Ramelow, who governs in erfurt with the SPD and the greens, went on to explain: "first of all, it’s about content. Here also my party must move. It is good that the federal government is talking about an immigration law. Before the honest debate on how to organize integration successfully, some on the left print themselves just as some conservatives do."He referred to the different government alliances in the federal states, 13 different color constellations, as he said. "Germany has never been so colorful. We should now make use of this pragmatism. Daniel gunther promotes this, and that is completely correct."

Gunther had triggered the debate over the weekend when he pointed to the difficulty of forming a government in some eastern states and declared: "if election results do not allow a coalition to be formed against the left, a government capable of taking action must nevertheless be formed. The CDU has to be pragmatic about this." However, he had not spoken of a formal government alliance.

Nevertheless he reaped heavy criticism in his party. The CDU leader, chancellor angela merkel, attempted on monday to end the debate, which is particularly damaging in the current hessian state election campaign, with a rejection: "I do not advocate cooperation with the left-wing party, and have not done so for many years," she said.

However, other CDU voices, especially from eastern germany, had warned against demonizing the left-wing party.