Jager fatally injured: wild boar attacks increase throughout germany

In the north of germany there has been another wild boar attack on humans. This time it ended even fatally. In vorpommern a 50 year old hunter was attacked and killed by a boar. "The incident shows how defensible wild boars are", explained on monday achim froitzheim, spokesman for the county of vorpommern-greifswald, who is an experienced hunter himself.

Authorities and associations therefore recommend that hunters wear protective pants and that dogs also wear protective vests. "And you should only go on the hunt in pairs", stated torsten reinwald, spokesman for the german hunting association in berlin. Trailing is about tracking down and bringing to range the wild game that has been hit.

Every year 500.000 wild boars are killed

"The wild boar is the winner of climate change and agricultural and energy policy", said reinwald. The wild boars found ideal feeding situations almost all year round. "They help themselves when the corn is drilled, then go into the canola, the grain, and then the coarse corn", said reinwald. Also beech and oak trees produced more and more fruit, which is why the animals still found enough food in the forest. Wild boars are now also found in denmark and sweden, where they were not common in the past.

Per year about 500.000 wild boars shot by hunters in germany. But this is not enough to decimate the stock decisively. In north rhine-westphalia, hunters were exempted from paying a fee for the usual parasite examination, the trichinae examination. "The right way", said reinwald.

Why could no one help the hunter?

Mecklenburg-vorpommern is the only federal state that even has a "purzel-pramie" offered: 25 euro per killed piece of wild boar. With an urgent appeal to the hunters and the premium, the agriculture minister till backhaus (SPD) from schwerin wants to significantly reduce the stock, especially out of fear of the african swine fever, which is moving ever closer from eastern europe.

Why no one was able to help the hunter in vorpommern, although eight other hunters were involved in the accident near greifswald, has yet to be determined. According to police, he had shot at the boar and went after it to kill the animal. Then the boar attacked the hunter and injured him so badly in the thigh that he fell, lost a lot of blood and got under water. A neighboring hunter is said to have rushed to the rescue. But the hunter could not be saved despite the rescue helicopter.

Aggressive wild boars attack humans

A similar case had occurred in march in lubeck. A boar was shot and retreated into the reeds of a pond. When the city hunter approached, he had also been wounded in the thigh with the tusks. Dog and hunter were able to restrain the wild boar and call the police, who shot the animal. The hunter had lost his rifle in the scuffle, but fortunately not his cell phone as well.

In october, aggressive wild boars in the district town of heide in dithmarschen made national headlines. They injured four people on their way through the city. The authorities warned many residents to stay in their buildings for safety's sake. Finally, one boar could be shot, the other wild boar escaped before it was also killed.

Deadly attack: shot wild boar attacks hunter
dramatic scenes had taken place in one bank in particular after the wedge had broken into it. Employees and customers were taken out of the building via windows and revolving ladders.