Hiltpoltstein schoolchildren encounter the warm spirit

Hiltpoltstein schoolchildren encounter the warm spirit

No, it’s neither morning gymnastics nor school sports as the fourth-grade male and female students at hiltpoltstein elementary school perform one squat after another. 30 pieces. It is one of the many experiments on the subject of heat energy that friedrich oehme, the inventor of the energy workshop, conducts with the schoolchildren.

Not only the fluffy warm spirit calphi, also the name of the workshop, is all red and on fire from the experiments. The children also got really warm after this exercise. Warmth is indispensable for life. The human being then feels well and fit. This can even be shown in color, as the warm image camera shows afterwards.

Shortly afterwards, the schoolchildren sit at the table and colorfully assess the pictures on their worksheets. Red stands for sources that are warm and generate warmth, blue for the cold ones. Naturally the sun receives five red painted boxes, the highest form of heat generation. How to win, generate and find warm? Warmth spreads. With calphi, the schoolchildren found out all this correctly. But also why and how warmth is lost.

Eight years ago, former district administrator reinhardt glauber discussed with burgers what could be done to protect the climate. "Working with children", friedrich oehme calls his proposal. A proposal that was not only found to be good, but also led to the energy workshop with schoolchildren.

To the 50. At times, he brings environmental protection to the children’s hearts in a playful yet instructive way. Congratulations to landrat hermann ulm (CSU).

Dominik bigge, the climate protection manager at the district office, school councilor cordula haderlein and wolfgang blos (chairman of forsprung) were also in the container, which is temporarily the elementary school classroom, and brought congratulatory wishes. The district administration office is not entirely uninvolved in the project, as it donated the warm-image camera, which oehme uses to give the children a colorful experience of what they have learned. This is how paula remembers the experiment with the kettle. "We measured the temperature of the warm water and then filled it into a cold bucket", explains the schoolgirl.

A thermos flask, on the other hand, keeps you warm. Even the body loses warmth when you touch a cold object, the hand presses on a cow battery. The warm-image camera shows blue stripes. Blue stands for cold. But when stefan puts on a glove, his hand stays warm. "We always wear gloves, a hat, a scarf and a snowsuit in the winter", the girls, the plusch-calphi in view.

Calphi is the energy of warmth, presented with the plush figure to touch in such a way that it is certain to be remembered where warmth comes from, how the children can generate calphi themselves and what has to be done in order not to lose calphi. The pupils were then allowed to deepen their knowledge of the experiments on the worksheets. Friedrich oehme thought up the experiments in his energy workshop himself.

Calphi presented 50 times

They were graphically depicted by kurt neubauer. Eight years ago, oehme explained the project like this. "Then it was elevated to a project, oehme is pleased. The first performance was in march 2012. In the meantime, he has presented calphi 50 times. In the meantime, a film has even been made about oehme’s calphi at the loschke school in erlangen, germany.

What’s more, oehme was always well received by the schoolchildren, who were very eager to experiment and learn more about heat generation. A particularly eager schoolboy hieb nico. So that schoolchildren could also deal with calphi at home, oehme summarized everything in a little book and named it nico.

Nico’s adventures were also taken home by the schoolchildren of hiltpoltstein. And: "also the mayoress appears in the little book", says oehme and presented calphi’s treasure trove of knowledge to the surprised hiltpoltstein mayor gisela schulze-bauer.