Has doctor abused patient?

A general practitioner from coburg will have to answer for two charges before the coburg regional court starting on monday: on the one hand, the doctor is alleged to have committed accounting fraud in several cases, and on the other hand, he is accused of having had a sexual relationship with a patient. Since the woman is said to have received psychotherapeutic treatment from him, this is considered by the law to be sexual abuse using a treatment relationship.

The indictment concerns at least nine meetings between the general practitioner and his patient between november 2015 and may 2016, during which sexual intercourse allegedly occurred. The woman’s sexual self-determination was restricted by her illness, and the doctor was aware of this.

The billing fraud, the second part of the indictment, caused nearly 50,000 euros in damages to the bavarian association of statutory health insurance physicians. The doctor had, if not intended, then at least accepted it.

Trial begins monday, 22. October, at 9 o’clock at the coburg regional court. According to court press spokesman daniel kolk, the trial is scheduled for eleven days.