Generation week in bad kissingen

Generation week in bad kissingen

"It's a big leap from the classroom to the nursing home" says social officer david rybak. But the city wants to overcome this distance with many and not so small steps. 2013 to be a year of encounters, bringing young and old closer together. Above all, with a generation week, which will run from 11. Until 17. March will take place.

The city is not jumping into the deep end with generation week. Bad kissingen has been a project city since 2009, official partner of the "ganz jung" campaign initiated by the ministry of social affairs.Quite old.All ears". A campaign to bring young and old closer together, to break down the isolation of old people. "Another ulterior motive is to make young people aware of the nursing profession" says david rybak.

The social department of the city will not stand alone at the generation week in march. The senior citizens', integration and family advisory councils, and the "mach mit" music school are also involved, the jukuz and the multi-generation house.

"It is an obligation for us as a seniors' advisory council to participate in the generation week" says chairman hans-peter kreutzberg "you can't stand on the sidelines here." The seniors' advisory council is participating with two events. While one of the cases will deal with the issue of parental maintenance and patient compensation, the second case will deal with the issue of the patient compensation. Event dedicated to traffic safety. Partners of the seniors' advisory council will be the ADAC and the traffic police. Former traffic educator edgar kast wants to try to get a reaction mobile on which guests can test their reaction skills. The idea is an interactive event "all groups and generations can come and participate" kreutzberg assures.

The multigenerational house will also be taking part with a whole series of program items. "That goes without saying says managing director iris honig. Support for the "mach mit" initiative for seniors perform.

Learning tolerance
Among other things, the multigenerational house will provide age simulation suits through the ministry of social affairs. "Young people should see how difficult it can be for old people to get money out of their wallets" says iris honey. The young generation is supposed to learn tolerance when things go a little slower with the seniors, for example climbing stairs.
The multi-generation house will also be responsible for the evening with the widow of actor johannes heesters, who died at the age of 108, simone rethel. "Never say you're too old will be the title of the reading with media show heiben. Finally, there will be a generation talk in the multigenerational house. "Young people should discuss things with seniors and politicians" according to mrs. Honey. The talk will be combined with a breakfast and a brunch.

Festival in the tattersall
The exact program of the generation week has not yet been decided in detail, david rybak emphasizes. But one of the high points was the "festival of the generations" to be in the tattersall, including a speech by bavaria's minister of social affairs christine haderthauer.
All generations will be in demand on this day as well. The musical part is to be provided by the youth music corps, david rybak wants to encourage kindergartens to participate, the stage program is to be provided by people of all ages, and for the catering the social officer wants to win over a school class. The hall will be decorated, tents will be set up on the square in front of it.

Subsidy from the state
David rybak does not hide the fact that all this will also cost something. But the free state has shown itself to be generous and has included 24,000 euros in the budget, part of which will be used to finance last year's tent theater week. But one thing is clear, according to rybak: "without this contribution, we would not have been able to afford the generation week."