Flohe with brummer in tow

Flohe with brummer in tow

What is otherwise in a museum and must not be touched under any circumstances, the visitors to the home brewers’ festival in brunn, who came in large numbers, were able to experience up close – and above all observe it in action. Agricultural equipment and machines were used in their original function as in the old days.

Walter lehnert with his son mathias and some helpers demonstrated, for example, the processing of wheat. A gobel, moved by a deutz-oldtimer driving itself in circles, was used to drive a stalk thresher that separated the grains from the straw. The straw was cut into small pieces by a hand-operated cutting machine, the chaff was removed from the grain in an old cleaning mill, and the straw was ground in a grist mill that was more than 100 years old. This coarse equipment, originally used in the farm, was driven by a lanz-bulldog from the year 1924.

Family property from time immemorial

its owner, wilhelm westphal from hafenpreppach, who is now 80 years old, knows his lanz inside out and makes it run properly with a great deal of sensitivity. Since the beginning, the family-owned bulldog has been in wage-earning use, driving threshing machines and the grist mill, westhhal proudly reported.

Klaus berthel from konigsberg stands next to his lanz-bulldog, one of his extensive collection from 1931 and later. He says his grandfather had five lanzs, which he scrapped in the 1970s. He then made it his hobby to reassemble such tractors. "At least they last, with the new stuff you only have trouble", the contractor lamented. Because today, you can no longer repair new agricultural technology with a simple screwdriver; you first need a laptop.

The fact that the tractors, almost all of which are over 50 years old, are still capable of high performance was demonstrated by their owners when they hitched their favorites to a truck to tow it up a slope. The smaller ones pulled a nine-ton truck, the bigger ones a 30-ton truck.
"We are already excited the whole week" confessed helga, wife of walter lehnert and mother of mathias. Every two years, the family organizes this classic car show at the hausbrauerfest. "These are all friends of ours who are exhibiting their machines here today – as a return visit, because we are also always somewhere with our things" she was pleased.

Meanwhile, her husband walter lehnert had his hands full with organizing the various demonstrations, be it with a gobel, a potato steamer, a stone beater, a trowel, a caterpillar or with one of the numerous old tractors.

Looking at the larger-than-life monkey on a tractor, he said dryly: "the same monkey is sitting on it as i am, because i’m doing all the work!" And why the whole thing? "When you have the virus, …!"