Ferrari team boss: criticism of vettel’s mistakes unjustified

Ferrari team boss: criticism of vettel's mistakes unjustified

"It was always race situations where sebastian was at the absolute limit ? Sometimes even druber," the italian told the magazine "auto bild motorsport" in an interview. The ferrari drivers have had to take more risks at the moment to keep up, binotto explained.

His german star driver has been waiting well over 300 days for a victory in the motorsport premier class. The world championship title is already a long way off after nine of 21 races this year. Vettel, who turned 32 on wednesday, is fourth in the standings, 74 points behind five-time world champion and defending champion lewis hamilton (34) of mercedes.

"It’s certainly not easy for him, no question," said binotto. "He has this dream of becoming world champion with ferrari, and we are supporting him in making it come true."

Vettel knows and understands his role in the racing team, which is in the process of being rebuilt, binotto said. The 49-year-old took over the team manager post from maurizio arrivabene before this season. Vettel is very

important for him. "Because he has a lot of experience, expertise and skills.

He is on the one hand a team player, but on the other hand also a leader with a lot of enthusiasm for his work."

Vettel switched from red bull to ferrari for the 2015 season. With the austrian team, he had previously won the world championship four times from 2010 to 2013 inclusive.