Exhibition of sacred art at the kreuzberg during the passion season

Exhibition of sacred art at the kreuzberg during the passion season

Even if the carnival is currently taking precedence in the towns and associations, the new exhibition at the bruder-franz-haus on the kreuzberg is already drawing attention to the upcoming passion season. Monika baumann (schweinfurt) and the two langenleitner artists gunter metz and his son klaus metz are showing a joint exhibition entitled "passion, cross and redemption" around 50 works of sacred art. The three artists approach the suffering and death of jesus in very different ways in this exhibition.

In front of an auditorium of invited guests, district administrator thomas habermann buried a large number of kreuzberg friends and acquaintances of the artists, who expressed their connection and interest in the work of the artists by coming to the event. He spoke of an ideal artistic connection in the metz family, which is being enriched and supplemented by monika baumann in the current exhibition.

Gunter metz is a classic rhonian wood sculptor and has already been involved in art on the kreuzberg in many different ways, but has also been able to experience a lot of inspiration at this special place himself. In the current exhibition he shows twelve works, among others some cross studies and excerpts from the way of the cross.

His son klaus metz, who together with his wife heike is very successful as an artist, has kept his down-to-earth attitude, habermann emphasized. He is an artist who creates his works of art from different materials. He shows about 20 works in the exhibition, mainly from the metals lead, iron and bronze. He has created about ten of these exhibits completely from scratch in the past few months. They are now on public display for the first time on the kreuzberg.

The cross is at the center of monika baumann’s work. Her crosses always have the same basic square shape and are individually designed by her with colors and very different materials. She has created a cross cycle for the current exhibition, with 21 works that are being shown publicly for the first time. Since 2006, the artist has been dedicating herself to this type of cross, and has created 75 in the meantime.

No theme fits the kreuzberg better than the cross itself, the district administrator found. The kreuzberg is not a place of pilgrimage to a marian image, but is dedicated to the holy cross, the central point of the christian faith. The community exhibition therefore also fits perfectly into the permanent exhibition of the brother franz house on the life of saint franciscus and the franciscan community.

"Icon of pain"

The spiritual impulse for the exhibition was given by father georg andlinger. He warned that the cross must never become a habit. The liturgy of good friday invites us to see the cross anew again and again, and every cross that meets artistic standards – as in the current exhibition – invites us, challenges us, to see the cross with new eyes and to look at it consciously.

For the three artists, this is already the third joint exhibition on the theme of the passion period in the bruder-franz-haus. For the first time they showed their works in 2013, then in 2016 and currently. The exhibition will be open until 28. April to be seen.