Even more burger dialogue

2019 is to be the year of the burger dialogue. This goal was formulated by the district chairman of the CSU, christian lange, at the turn of the year. This was achieved by talking directly to the burghers, recruiting new members, raising the profile of the content and exchanging information with multipliers.

With his goals, lange wants to continue on the path that the CSU took in 2018. With visits to businesses in the city center, with home visits in bamberg-east and in the gereuth and with the new event format "we listen" the CSU has taken the path to direct exchange with the burghers.

This had, so long, also led to the fact that the CSU had been able to record a total of 18 new admissions in 2018 and thus stabilize its membership level at around 530. The CSU leader is particularly pleased that half of the new members are female. As far as content is concerned, the CSU will continue to work on its focus areas of the economy, education and families in 2019. The CSU will also be taking a fresh look at its understanding of christian politics. Particularly on the refugee issue, the CSU has lost christian-oriented people. "We will therefore strongly emphasize that all people are god’s creatures and that the preservation of the environment is an original christian concern", long announced. That is why the CSU presented its proposal for a modern and sustainable transport policy in its christmas supplement in frankischer tag. An invitation to speak directly had already been sent to the chairman of the nature conservation association, martin bucker; and at the new year’s reception of the CSU district associations of the city and country on 5. January barbara stamm, one of the most prominent social policy experts in the free state of "thoughts on christian politics formulate