Erlangen csu happy about investment in university

The relatively good results in comparison with other countries in germany and bavaria in coping with the new coronavirus are proof that the measures introduced by the federal and state governments are basically correct. "The vast majority of people see it the same way", said stefan muller, member of the electoral district, and joachim herrmann, member of the electoral district, at the first public appearance of the erlangen CSU in a long time, in the beer garden of the kosbacher stadl, in strict compliance with all corona requirements.

Stefan muller, parliamentary manager of the CSU parliamentary group in the german bundestag, named the goals of the "biggest solidarity package since reunification": protecting people’s health, cushioning the economic consequences, and working together in the european union to overcome the crisis on the one hand and make provisions for the future on the other. "The medical, economic and financial consequences of corona are a major challenge", muller said in a CSU press release. The enormous costs of well over one billion euros and around 115 billion euros in new federal debt could only be borne because of sound management in recent years. But now it needs a "debt repayment plan". Even if politics cannot save all companies and jobs, the crisis can be used as a challenge for new opportunities and jobs. Muller: "corona is an accelerator of the necessary change", and the task of politics is "to create a competitive framework for new technologies and the protection of the climate". He asked "to be open to new ideas and not only to see risks in changes".

On 6. September, the 105. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the birth of franz josef straub, the bavarian state minister of the interior, for sports and integration, joachim herrmann, said the state of bavaria was coping well with the crisis under the leadership of minister-president markus soder.

Raspberry palace is being rebuilt

Like muller, he also looked to the future and was pleased, for example, that the topping-out ceremony for the erlangen "center for astroparticle physics" had recently taken place celebrated on the sudland of the friedrich-alexander-universitat erlangen-nurnberg (FAU). With investments of almost 40 million euros, optimal working conditions have been created in the pioneering research field of astroparticle physics "an outstanding flagship for the entire science location of bavaria".

In the meantime, the FAU’s building application for the renovation and conversion of a former siemens administration building, the so-called raspberry palace, has also been approved. 100 million euros have been invested by the state over the next few years to create a new location for the philosophical faculty. And bavaria is providing around 140 million euros to build a new building for elementary and middle school teacher training in the north of nurnberg. "All investments in the future", according to herrmann "not only for the region, but also for bavaria’s leading position worldwide in research in medicine and cutting-edge technologies."

With a brief look ahead to next fall’s federal elections, herrmann and muller agreed, to the applause of the audience, that it was essential to prevent a left-wing alliance of any sort. "Germany was always at its best when the CDU and CSU were in power.".