Ebern is now giving the internet a leg up

Ebern is now giving the internet a leg up

The speed of the internet in large parts of rural areas is lagging far behind that in the cities. Within the western federal states, this is particularly true for bavaria: not even one in three households, or. One in three rural businesses has fast internet, according to recent statistics.
Many people in the habberge district are familiar with the image of pages on the internet being slow to load. "A carrier pigeon would have been faster" he often finds it ironic when more extensive mails are sent on their way.
The companies in sparsely populated regions, in which the expansion of the network is associated with high investments, are particularly negatively affected and thus disadvantaged in their business development. The broadband expansion demanded and required by the federal government aims to counteract this.

Partly already completed

According to an announcement by mayor jurgen hennemann (SPD), things are now set to get better in ebern and the surrounding areas. Yes, in parts of the city area one already surfs, while others are still creeping along. "Already two demand notices for the expansion in the western districts and fierst" the city was able to accept, according to the announcement.
In bischwind a.R., eichelberg, eyrichshof, frickendorf, fischbach, gemund, in the "alte kaserne" industrial area, in heubach, sandhof (north), reutersbrunn and unterpreppach, according to hennemann, things are already moving fast. Expansion has already been completed here.
In albersdorf, bramberg, brunn, hochstadten, jesserndorf, kurzewind, neuses a. R., siegelfeld, weibenbrunn and welkendorf you can still find all kinds of construction pits. Construction will continue there until the end of 2017. Fierst, it is said, will be supplied by the end of 2018. By means of vectoring, a purely technical improvement, telekom plans to expand vorbach, unterpreppach and ebern by fall 2018.

"Master plan" for the federation

It continues according to the message of friday with a "master plan", the supply of all buildings in the urban area (demanded by the federal government) and a new edition of the bavarian "farm bonus program", with which the expansion of the remaining, not yet supplied households is to take place.
According to the information provided, households are also considered to be supplied if a connection to the vodafone (kabel deutschland) network is possible (z.B. Heubach, mannlehen, …).