Dr. Reinhard niebler builds his future

The interest of the people of kunreuth was great when the topping-out ceremony for the future medical center in the town center was celebrated. There behind the town hall, where for many years an unsightly and uninhabited block of flats stood, a modern building is nearing completion.
Several medical facilities are being built on 300 square meters of floor space on a total area of 800 square meters. Mirrored and architecturally adapted to the town hall. "A reminiscence of the time of dr. Kauper", explains reinhard niebler.

Niebler himself will open a practice in the new building. The house of dr. Niebler, who worked in kunreuth in the middle of the last century and is still unforgotten. Kauper is on the same street exactly opposite the new medical center.

After a long and arduous struggle, the efforts are now coming to a happy end. Niebler is confident that the new building will house a practice with "long-term prospects" to move.

"Like a snow cone
For kunreuth's mayor hermann ulm (SPD), too, the imminent occupancy of the medical center is "a great moment". "I'm as happy as a snow cone. That was anything but self-evident", said ulm.
In fact, the medical center can be interpreted as a further step towards a lively town center with short distances and an intact infrastructure. An investor from baiersdorf is behind the medical center. In april of this year, the ruined building, which originally belonged to gewo forchheim, was demolished.

In may, the municipal council approved the building plan. In september, the construction team of a mohrendorf construction company arrived in kunreuth. And a good two months later, raimund ahles was already able to have his glass for the toast. With his best blessings, after his company had previously erected the roof beam. Niebler then gave a tour of the building, which will cost around 500.000 euros must be invested in the project. The visitor first enters a roughly dimensioned reception room. Seven treatment rooms, a bright waiting room and a laboratory are arranged around it in a star shape.

The doctor's handwriting
Niebler is very pleased with what he sees. No wonder, because the building also bears his signature. The architect andreas walz from bammersdorf implemented the ideas. Handicapped accessibility is a matter of course. Niebler's previous practice building no longer met its requirements. Its use remains open.

Niebler has clear ideas about his own future. "I am the youngest country doctor far and wide. Only if I can plan for twenty or thirty years can I also make a decision. I would like to stay in kunreuth.Here I would like to continue the country practice", says niebler.

The people of kunreuth and their neighbors will be glad to hear it. Next fall, niebler plans to open his new practice in the center of kunreuth.