Criticism of concert cancellation at bauhaus does not rub off

Criticism of concert cancellation at bauhaus does not rub off

After the cancellation of the concert of the left-wing punk band feine sahne fischfilet in the bauhaus dessau, the criticism of the decision does not rub off.

"There must never be the impression that the pressure of the right-wing extremist scene is enough to prevent a concert," state minister for culture monika grutters (CDU) told the deutsche presse agency.

Freedom of the arts enjoys high constitutional status in germany. This value is the lesson of german history with the attack on democracy by right-wing and left-wing anti-democrats. The responsibility of artists to defend this freedom is indispensable, said grutters.

This year’s chairman of the bauhaus association, berlin’s culture senator klaus lederer (left), wrote in a letter to members of the museum association that he strongly disagrees with the bauhaus dessau foundation’s assertions that the bauhaus is a "deliberately apolitical place. After its own experiences during the nazi era and the GDR, the art school calls for a clear stance against all attempts at incitement.

The ZDF had planned for the 6. November the concert zdf@bauhaus with the controversial band planned. The bauhaus had made use of its domiciliary rights and banned the concert after right-wing groups had called on the internet to protest against the performance of the left-wing musicians. The intention is not to become a venue for political agitation and aggression, it said. "This is also in the context of those polarized social debates that have shaped the image of eastern germany in recent months," the bauhaus foundation had said in explaining its decision.

The band itself sharply criticized the cancellation in a statement on facebook. The bauhaus has bowed to the right-wing scene, the musicians wrote. This sets "new standards in terms of ruthlessness," it continued. In addition, the band criticized the cancellation as an interference in the program decision of ZDF.

Feine sahne fischfilet announced that it would definitely be playing on 6. November to perform in dessau-roblau. "If we and many other people were to duck away at every little incursion and cancel every concert that would incite the nazis, then almost nothing would go on here," the musicians wrote on facebook. The band was very happy to play "in this intimate and unique setting" of the bauhaus in dessau. ZDF is currently looking for a new venue for the concert.

Lederer stressed that the mobilization against the concert should be understood as an attack on artistic freedom. "We cannot and will not simply ignore the political roots of the bauhaus", he wrote. "So let’s use the 100th anniversary to stand up for culture and democracy with confidence!"Grutters said the issue would have to be discussed intensively in the foundation council of the bauhaus dessau and with the zdf.

Saxony-anhalt’s culture minister rainer robra (CDU) and the bauhaus dessau had again defended the cancellation. Robra told the radio station MDR kultur that a political confrontation is not compatible with the bauhaus. The director of the bauhaus was not involved in the ZDF’s deliberations and only found out about the band’s invitation on wednesday.