Bratwurst and sauerkraut

Bratwurst and sauerkraut

The activists of the weisendorf local heritage association believe that a frankish kerwa begins with a kettle meal on thursday. Therefore they had again the best things from the sausage kettle in the offer at the museum building.

Word has spread that the weisendorf kerwa actually starts at the heimatvereinsmuseum, and so interest was again high. The interested parties had made themselves comfortable on benches in front of the museum building. After the first food delivery, tatar (french sushi) and kettle meat, arrived in weisendorf, it was a matter of making blood sausages and liver sausages and putting them in the cauldron. The sausages then appeared on the plate at lunchtime in weisendorf. Also for the lovers of coffee and cake was taken care of, there were french "kuchla" by inge muggenhofer.

The local association had organized everything well; even spontaneous visitors were able to enjoy the kettle meat unannounced. It also showed the personal preferences. Whether belly, ear, russel or tongue: everyone could order what he particularly likes. Inge muggenhofer and gisela engelhardt ensured that everything ran smoothly at the distribution point. The organizer was the heimatverein, which offered the possibility at its museum building. For the service of the guests, many helpers were needed both for the serving of food and for the serving of drinks. Lothar riks made sure that no one had to suffer from thirst.

If you were interested, you could visit the home museum, which is now well stocked. The equipment of a blacksmith’s and a shoemaker’s workshop as well as an old rope harness from the 19th century pay off. Century.

Ode to the "madla von der gmaa" (maiden of the gmaa)

The musical accompaniment was provided by karl kaiser from weisendorf with his quetschn. He supported the people of weisendorf with kerwas songs as they sang their way through the weekend’s festivities, especially with polka and waltz melodies. He uses a real accordion, with which all twelve keys are to be played, no button accordion.

When the employees from the nearby weisendorf town hall came running to the heimatverein museum, he appropriately sang "ich bin des madla vo der gmaa" (i am the madla of the gmaa) to. Even the employees of the building yard were happy to come to the heimatvereinsgelande to enjoy it.

Everyone born in 1979, the year of the founding of the heimatverein, received a meal voucher.