Anniversary year and a near-record

anniversary year and a near-record

It is a special year for the vdk kitzingen: both the local and the district association celebrate their 70th anniversary in 2017. This had already been celebrated in the district on 1. October at the social forum, an event organized by the association every year. In the town of kitzingen, the situation is different: "we didn’t have a special event," says hartmut stiller, the association’s chairman: "we simply celebrated throughout the year."

Consultation of the members

He looks back on the year favorably. 5803 consultations on social issues such as pension and health insurance, participation of disabled people and social assistance were carried out in 2017 in the local and district association. 1266 applications have been submitted so far, for example for rehabilitation payments or pension back payments. "Once we were even able to obtain an additional payment of 100,000 euros," says klaus-peter mai.

Mai is the managing director of the district association and works as a member advisor. As a rule, this is only carried out by full-time employees. The volunteers, on the other hand, are responsible for the life of the association. "That is organized in the respective local association," explains mai. "And kitzingen is at the forefront of this development."

Lectures, excursions and travel

This is also reflected in the vdk program for 2018: 42 events will be offered by the local association in the coming year. Among them are lectures, excursions and trips. "The demand is particularly high there," says stiller. 27 participants had already signed up for a five-day trip to croatia in september. In 2017, 37 events had taken place so far, with five more to follow.

And something else could still happen in 2017: "this year we hope to reach our 10,000th. Member," says stiller. Currently the number is 9966. "We are on the verge."In principle one counts on a further member increase. "One in five kitzingen residents is already over 65 years old," explains stiller. "This is our target group. And the baby boomers are only now reaching this age."

Only small improvements in accessibility

The vdk kitzingen sees a need for action with regard to accessibility in the city. "Some small things have already been done, but they are only small things," says stiller. Maybe he can push for more changes in 2018. Then also new elections stand for the presidency, for which stiller again wanted to stand as a candidate. Because: "I still feel fit and I enjoy it," he says.

Vdk annual program 2018

The new annual program of the vdk local association of kitzingen is available now. It can be picked up at the business office in wurzburger strabe 23.