Islamist threat arrested in monchengladbach

Islamist threat arrested in monchengladbach

A suspected islamist threat was arrested in monchengladbach on thursday evening. This confirmed a spokesman for the police.

According to the police, the man had reported to a police station in monchengladbach in accordance with his requirements. The man was to be brought before an investigating judge. He has not been found in his apartment for the past 14 days, in violation of a court order, a spokesman for the dusseldorf public prosecutor’s office said.

First "spiegel online" had reported about the arrest. The man comes from chechnya and has long been in the sights of investigators. He had already attracted attention twice before his arrest, in both cases he was spared from imprisonment.

In april, investigators had discovered a pistol with silencer and ammunition at the man’s home. The magistrate has released him because he has a permanent address and is not in danger of absconding. The islamist has long been under investigation for violating the war weapons control act because he can be seen in a photo with a kalashnikov assault rifle.

A few weeks after the weapon was found in his apartment, the 31-year-old was arrested at night while trying to break into the front door of a multi-family house. Even that didn’t lead to imprisonment: a magistrate ruled that the tampering with the building’s door was damage to property. Damage to property does not justify imprisonment.

According to the "spiegel", the man had presumably come to germany from chechnya in 2004 and had since been convicted of several offences. Although his asylum application was rejected after only one year, he could not be deported. According to the russian authorities, he is unknown there. The german authorities were unable to obtain substitute passport papers for him.