Irish vote clearly in favor of relaxing abortion ban

A forecast commissioned by the irish times according to the committee, about 68 percent of voters on friday voted to remove a constitutional article that had made abortions effectively impossible. A second by-election poll commissioned by the irish broadcaster RTE even came to 69.4 percent yes votes.

According to both forecasts, young voters and women in particular voted overwhelmingly in favor of relaxing the ban on abortion. Among 18- to 24-year-olds, approval of the constitutional amendment was as high as 87 percent. Voter turnout was reportedly unusually high. Some 3.2 million irenians were called upon to cast their ballots.

Prime minister leo varadkar, who had been campaigning for voter approval of the constitutional change, wrote on twitter after the forecasts became public: "it looks like tomorrow we will make history."

If the outcome of the forecasts is confirmed, parliament may set new rules for abortions. Plans to legalize abortions up to the twelfth week of pregnancy.

The forecast on behalf of the "irish times the survey was conducted by the ipsos/MRBI polling institute, and for RTE by the behaviour& institute attitudes in cooperation with several universities. Votes will not be counted until saturday. Final result not expected until late afternoon.

Catholic ireland has one of the strictest abortion bans in the european union. Those who violated it could be punished with up to 14 years in prison. Even after rape, abortion was prohibited. Thousands of irish women travel to britain and other countries for abortions each year.

More than 168,700 pregnant women loved the intervention in the united kingdom from 1980 to 2016. This is the result of british statistics, for which the home addresses of the women treated were evaluated. Irish women also have abortions in other countries, such as the netherlands. However, the numbers are lower.

Strict ban based on 1983 constitutional amendment. According to the results, unborn children were protected in their right to life just like their mothers. This article is now to be dropped.
The UN human rights committee criticized the abortion ban in 2016 as a violation of international human rights agreements and called on the irish government to revise it.

Before the referendum there had been a bitter debate. The catholic church opposed the legalization of abortion, but largely stayed away from it. In just three months, pope francis travels to ireland. In the capital dublin, he will be elected on 25. And 26. August to participate in the world family meeting.