Em-ployment is only slowly warming up

Em-ployment is only slowly warming up

The interim balance: two victories, three goals. The german eleven has played its way through the european soccer championships in poland and ukraine. Before the last group match against denmark on sunday evening, the question for the people of kitzingen is: have you let yourself be carried away by the football euphoria??

Betul cekener (16) from kitzingen: "i don't watch fubball. I also noticed how the game against holland ended on wednesday: you could hear that there was a lot going on in the city. I certainly hope that germany wins the european championship – just so my brother is in a good mood."

Harald rohner (63) from kitzingen: "I'm in the throes of european championship fever and watch every game – not just the german ones. We win 2:0 against denmark. Germany will be the european champion of course: we simply deliver the most consistent performance. Even the praised spaniards had two major goalkeeping errors."

Richard muller (67) from kitzingen: "my favorite thing to do is watch the germany games with my wife in front of our flat-screen television. I want to have peace and quiet while watching. If our eleven can improve a bit more, we have a better chance of winning the title than we have had in a long time."

Dieter markert (63) from kitzingen: "my wife and i are not fanatics. I can't understand when people hang four flags on their cars. I only followed the game against holland from half-time onwards. I always have to explain to the australian travel groups that I drive through the city during european championship games why it is so empty."

Bianca madjar (28) from marktbreit: "the european championship is uninteresting compared to the world cup. For me, it's enough to hear the results of the game on the radio the next day. Besides, my daughter zoey will be out of the rough in two years for the world cup 2014 – then I will have more time to watch soccer again."

Willi hornig (73) from sulzfeld: "i was on the road with my hiking group during the duel against holland. One had a radio with us, on which we have followed the game. But I prefer to spend the time with my granddaughter nona instead of in front of the television set."