Almost four hours at full throttle: michl muller

almost four hours at full throttle: michl muller

If that wasn’t a good idea to increase the club’s budget: get a popular artist like michl muller, clean up the multi-purpose hall a bit, provide the necessary helpers – and in the end not only offer the people of the margraviate town a great event, but even have something left over.

Under the motto "that’s what i wanted to say", the french cabaret artist thrilled around 650 fans in the sold-out mainbernheim multi-purpose hall on thursday evening. The performance was organized by TSV mainbernheim.

Michl muller, who is restless on the stage, always rushing around and gesticulating, knows how to captivate the audience like hardly anyone else. Be it politics, the horse meat scandal or the UNICEF study, according to which many of germany’s children are unhappy today.

The election of the pope was also scrutinized, with michl muller saying: "with white smoke: the new pope is certain; with black smoke: the cardinals still have to decide; and with a lot of black smoke: the vatican is on fire."The new pope franciscus I also had. A certain resemblance to alfred biolek, according to muller.

"Tolerance sounds like ‘big satchel’ in the french dialect." Michl muller during his performance in mainbernheim

He demonstrated that it is possible to play word games with the french language with the high german word toleranz, which sounds like "doller ranzen" in the french dialect, and with the german woman’s name "dorte," which is better understood in french as "er, sie, es dorrte vor sich hin" ("he, she, it dorrted away").

The rhonian also mingled with the audience, he was particularly taken with sabine from kitzingen in the front row.

What must not be missing from an evening with muller are his expressive songs, in which he pretends to be a self-confessed frenchman and does not need marijuana, but would much rather drink a silvaner. Or the song of the nudist, the clob with sob’, the house packed with styrofoam and his classic: the butcher’s shop girl.

The different types of shopping at lidl were vividly described, as were his experiences with the claus family with C and his wife dorte and son elias manuel.

In spite of the advanced hour michl muller did not leave the stage without giving some more and at the end he signed autographs for the audience.