Accommodation for refugees partly full or overloaded

Accommodation for refugees partly full or overloaded

Others like lower saxony are close to the load limit of their reception centers. Elsewhere, however, there are also free capacities, as a survey by the german press agency dpa revealed.

Baden-wurttemberg has its central initial reception facility in karlsruhe. "Their regular capacities are already fully utilized. The situation is tense," said a spokesman for the stuttgart integration ministry. For this reason, the state has placed some applicants in temporary accommodation. The people came mainly from the former yugoslavia, pakistan, iraq, iran, afghanistan and syria. In the southwest, the number of asylum applications rose from about 1900 in 2006 to about 5300 in 2011.

In north rhine-westphalia, asylum seekers’ shelters are currently experiencing an onslaught. There are bottlenecks at the four initial reception facilities, as became known last week. According to the state government, a fifth facility is now being considered. Hotel rooms could also be rented at short notice.

The background: nationwide, the number of initial applications for asylum has risen sharply. Compared to june, the number in july rose by 15.3 percent to 4498. Compared to july 2011, there was an increase of 30.8 percent. According to a forecast by the federal office for migration and refugees, more than 50,000 refugees will arrive in germany this year. They are distributed among the countries according to a fixed formula.

According to the state government, the reception centers in lower saxony are currently operating at 92 percent of their capacity. A spokeswoman for the ministry of the interior said, however, that there were no suspected suspects. In hesse, the ministry of social affairs explained that in order not to exceed the capacity limit at the central reception center in gieben, people were passed on to the municipalities more quickly.

The government in saxony declared that the capacity of the central reception facility in chemnitz is "not overstretched". However, the number of those admitted has risen considerably in recent times. Free capacities report thuringia, saxony-anhalt, schleswig-holstein, hamburg and saarland.

Refugees usually stay a few days in the initial reception facilities. The file is opened there, and the reasons for the asylum application are also recorded. Then the asylum seekers are distributed to the actual shelters of the countries.