About the working world 4.0

For the "socio-political bub- und bettag" (bub and prayer day) in the region on wednesday, 21. November, starting at 6 p.M., the protestant church community of schney, the church service in the world of work, the working group for employee issues in the protestant church, the employee representation in the protestant church, and the DGB local cartel invite you to the protestant church in schney.

The motto is "world in transition: digitalization + work + industry = society 4.0". Already in 19. In the 21st century, according to the employee representatives, the authorities introduced the bub- und bettag (bub and prayer day) in order to publicly reflect on undesirable developments and to give impulses for a peaceful and just future. In this tradition, the bub- und bettag is a day of common reflection and consideration of a humane development of our life together.

According to DGB district chairman heinz gartner, the increasing division of society is also being observed in the region. There is no fair chance of prosperity and participation for many employees. Precarious employment, a growing risk of poverty and fear of relegation are causing social groups to drift further apart. Churches, unions, companies and every individual are called upon to make their contribution to democracy and a society based on solidarity. Afterwards there will be a snack in the parish hall.